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Where creativity meets technology.

Your Marketing SWAT team.

Working with us, you don’t get an agency – you get a focused, dedicated, and determined team.  In fact, you could call us your marketing SWAT team. Each of us comes with an arsenal of skills and years of experience that enable us to adapt quickly and effectively to the most complex projects.

The skills we offer include (but are never limited to):

  • Intelligent CRM & Marketing Automation
  • B2B Lead Generation for SaaS Sales Teams
  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, AdWords, and Twitter Ads
  • Behavior-Based Audience Segmentation
  • Large Scale Email Marketing
  • Social Media & Community Management
  • Influencer Outreach and Relationship Management
  • Design Support & Content Creation

"We've been working with BrightDey for over 2 years. Their technology and processes have saved us a lot of time, and money."

– The Violet Vixen

"BrightDey's streamlined marketing funnels and reports really bought the Marketing and Sales teams together as a cohesive unit."

– Emarsys CMO

"You guys do a great job at making crap look shiny on social media."

– A real Yelp review

"BrightDey bring an powerful balance of marketing tech and processes that helped us scale while reducing marketing costs."

– WinterFest OC

"I'm so proud, I couldn't ask for better children."

– Our moms

Companies We’ve Worked With

We’ve been there, done that…

We’re your mean, lean, marketing team. Our skills were cultivated in the innovative technology hub of San Francisco,  where we learned to work lean on tight budgets, and where every dollar and every minute counts.

After years of working in start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, we noticed the same issues began to emerge with each product launch and campaign: How do we find the right audience? How should we build out the marketing team? How can we hit those KPI’s on such a small budget!?

We’ve channeled this experience into a set of processes and systems that help scale companies passed their initial launch and early stage growth. We bring repeatable, measurable, and permanent results.

We solve the “Oh God we need a whole marketing team STAT” issue. With BrightDey, you don’t get an agency. You get a team, your marketing team. And we vet our clients carefully to make sure we can deliver the best damn results every time.

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Meet the Team

Antony Mcgregor Dey

Chief Marketing Officer

Antony is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned startup and SaaS executive, and globally recognized expert on marketing technologies. Antony has always been at the forefront of digital marketing from the growth of email and apps through to big data and artificial intelligence with over 20+ years of B2B and B2C digital marketing experience.

Nichole Albright

Design & Development Lead

Nichole is a multimedia professional with solid marketing chops and a long history of working in software and design. She bridges the gap between the technical side of marketing and the creative, social side of marketing with her photoshop skills, carefully thought out wireframes, and nonsensical copywriting templates.

Ashley Mcgregor Dey

Director of Communications

Our Social Media and Comms pro armed with a Journalism degree and background in lifestyle and e-commerce brands. Having worked for companies like Quiksilver/Roxy, PacSun, ModCloth, and Indiegogo, Ash is obsessed with building and scaling content and creating passionate communities.

Jasmine Ellsworth

Creative Director

Jasmine spent time on the forefront of the entertainment and events industry. Her repertoire includes companies like Disney, Imagi Studios, Comedy Central, E3, and Comic-Con. She’s a creative who can think from a conceptual high-level, to an operational and budget savvy point of view.

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What are you working on?

Need help getting your brand out there? Want to scale your marketing while keeping to a tight budget? Get in touch and then relax, BrightDey has your back.